Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You've got to love Franklin County

This was a local news release, concerning a recent military operation held in the state & national forests north of here.

Operation Emerald Warrior a little louder and closer than expected

A military training operation held in Franklin County this month was not as quiet as it was expected to be.

Operation Emerald Warrior provided training to nearly 2000 troops in locations around north Florida including Franklin and Wakulla County.

The operation was supposed to be relatively quiet and much of a bother to residents but county commissioner Cheryl Sanders said that was not how it happened.

She said there were people were jumping out of helicopters and throwing hand grenades near at least one neighborhood – keeping people awake and on edge.

Miss Sanders said she supports the military program and wants them to come back next year, but with 205 thousand acres in Tate’s Hell State Forest and thousands more in the Apalachicola National forest she feels the military could move further away from homes.

And she pointed out that it might also be safer for the soldiers, because in this area there’s always the chance that residents could get scared and return fire.

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