Wednesday, February 2, 2011

They grow up fast

I've been watching and photographing the nest for several weeks. Today was the first time I've seen the chicks active. When I first arrived both eagles were watching the neat, and it wasn't long before I saw a wing come out of the nest. In the above photo the female is watching as the chick looks out of the nest...maybe for the first time.

After I looked at him and he looked at me, Mama started chirping so I knew it was time to go. He'll start testing his wings in the next few days and that will make for some good shots.


  1. Ron: I live under the nest, and yes, I do believe this is his/her first peak at the world over the rim of the nest. This is only the third time this pair has produced visible evidence of hatch success in 6 years in this slash pine, so I am thrilled. Last year I spied the new hatchling, just a couple days old on the 17th of January. He still had the white downy feathers. Unfortunately he had some kind of problem with his eyes, which biologists speculated was a bird pox virus. This one looks healthy, and probably about two weeks old. Thanks for the photos! Robin Vroegop

  2. Robin,thanks for the information. I had about decided that the mating had been unsuccessful because of lack of activity in the nest, so far this year. It will be interesting to see if there is another fledgling in the nest.

  3. Amazing pictures Capt. Ron! Thanks for posting...

  4. Thanks cowgirl, I don't have horses to whistle at so I have to whistle at the eagles.