Friday, July 16, 2010

Why I look forward to the 4th of July

The 4th of July is day that brings forth patriotism and feelings of pride in many of us. To others, history is lost and it's just a day off and fireworks, but to me it's all of the more! My brown turkey figs will be ripe.  

 I only have one fig bush, but it must love Apalachicola's climate. Every year it keeps me,  and my friends and neighbors in sweet, succulent figs.

While I love figs straight from the tree, what comes foremost to mind is fig preserves. Not just fig preserves, but fig preserves and steamy hot cathead biscuits! Truly the breakfast of champions!

A couple of mornings of picking figs yielded enough figs for preserves.

After a good washing, I removed the stems and covered in sugar (5# bag)

Just let them sit on the counter overnight and the sugar will pull the moisture out. The next morning add a touch of cinnamon and some lemon slices. Cook slowly for about 3 hours and then can or  freeze your preserves.

Make you up some cathead biscuits and cook some of your home cured Canadian bacon. What a way to start the morning!


  1. What a great looking feast Capt Ron! Looks wonderful... :)

  2. Thanks, It make far a good start.