Thursday, February 4, 2010

State of the bay

I've had a number of calls wanting to go fishing or wanting to know what about current condition of  the bay and rivers. Unfortunately they are still not good. We had more heavy rain last Saturday and the river continues above flood stage. The above picture shows the muddy water coming from the rivers and what appears blue is actually the color of very strong tea and is the tanic water flowing in  from Tate's Hell.

Looking the other way, this is what you see.
With heavy rains being forecast for tomorrow, things will not improve for a few more days. If you have to go fishing no matter what, I'd say go to Lanark or Port St. Joe for clear water or if you can catch a day with the wind cooperating make the run to Bird Island.

While I was on the causeway taking pictures of the bay, one of my buddies made an appearance.

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